Tioga Lake

Karaoke Manager

An Application mainly for KJs (Karaoke Jockeys) that want their catalog of songs to be easily browsed on the web. Their users can also submit their songs right to them from the web. Can easily import large csv files of songs or a KJ can add songs individually. It can tag songs for categories, get rid of duplicates, adjust it's appearance to that of client's website and much more.

Trivia While

A fun application to run trivia at your event. You decide how many rounds and questions, be it a simple one round with 6 questions or a full blown trivia session of 6 rounds with 11 questions each. You can easily put in your own questions or import images for your guests to answer "who" or "what". It also has a time stamp feature if you want to award the first person to answer a question with a prize. Great for entertaining your guests at an event.

Voting Pools

A simple application for you to run a voting session at your organization or event. Great for contests. You have the choice of having your guests vote in real time on a perfomance or you can have a list of people or things on a roster that people can vote on over the course of a week, day, etc.. Votes can also be weighted. Easy to set up, whether you're holding a vote on who should get a position or what logo, poster, mascot, etc. to use, this application is very handy and versatile.