Our metaphor is a simple one; we wish to link mesa to mesa with the lastest technology, that of Internet and the World-wide Web.

Welcome to Webmesa Website solutions

Why Webmesa?

   Creating websites since 1996.

   Webmesa is a DBA owned and operated by Stephen Paterson

   For many, websites are just an expansion of a business card - You can't fit everything you want to say on a card, but if you include your website, the possible client can go there and see everything else about you or your company. Do you need us for such a site? - Well it depends; if  you own a business or are in a profession where aesthetics and/or uniqueness are not important - probably not. There are many "make your own website" tools out there that will relegate a decent looking site for people that are absolute beginners.  There are hundreds of templates that will fit your business needs and look. You may just want to use MySpace or Geocities. If you have questions about these offerings and tools that are out there, feel free to contact us and we'll let you know if they can offer you what you want. We don't want to create a site for someone that may not need one.